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DetachlessPublish directly from Figma to the web
What is Detachless?

Detachless revolutionizes how designers bring their creations to the web by offering seamless integration with Figma. This innovative tool allows users to publish their designs directly from Figma to the internet, eliminating the cumbersome process of toggling between different platforms for design and web development.

By streamlining the workflow, Detachless not only simplifies the transition from design to a live website but also ensures that updates and tweaks can be made effortlessly within Figma. With early access to Detachless, designers are invited to join a more efficient design ecosystem where website maintenance becomes hassle-free.

Additionally, Detachless enhances the design experience by providing a free UI kit, which includes both light and dark themes along with three distinct styles—clean, soft, and round—to cater to a wide range of design projects.

Created by Lazar